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Bincom Webpay is a Joomla component to allow users collect payments using Nigerian Payment processors.

Bincom WebPay currently works with Interswitch WebPay Gateway Only. There are plans to extend to other payment processors based in Nigeria within the shortest possible time.

Bincom ICT is an InterSwitch Certified WebPAY Integration Partner (CWIP). The component meets all the developer requirement of Interswitch for Merchant Website.

This component uses the redirect method. The user is redirected to WebPay site for payment processing and then back to your site to complete the process.


Download this file (bincom webpay documentation.ppt)Bincom Webpay Documentation[ ]1087 Kb0 Downloads
Download this file ( Webpay[Bincom Webpay Version 1.0 including RSForm Implementation]83 Kb0 Downloads

bincomanalyticsThis Plugin puts the Tracking Code for Google Analytics into your site right before the footer and you can configure multiple analytic codes.

Google Analytics Tracking Code looks like this  "UA-XXXXXXX-X" .  You can register at to get a tracking code. Additional tracking code is just to be seperated by a comma.

Bincom Multiple Google Analytics Plugin based on BIGSHOT Google Analytics. This system plugin is using the latest Google Analytics Code (as at 11-11-11 - improved Asynchronous snippet).

BADEsemowo wrote this for a client project that needed to include google analytics into the site. Mayowa Olurin modified the core to work in J! 1.5 , 1.6 , 1.7  and hopefully 2.5.

Watch out for more improvements on this over time .

Download this file ( Multiple Google Analytics[Using asynchronous Google Analytics Tracker Code , able to insert multiple Tracking codes.]4 Kb341 Downloads


This plugin automatically creates a new Joomla Menu or Submenu when an article is created.

How it works: 

You can find the documentation for the original plugin here:

For Menu : it creates a new menu item for new articles that are in a category with the exact name of the menu .
i.e "articles created in category = Main Menu" will create menuitems under the Main Menu .

For Sub Menu: It creates a sub menu with the title of the article under a parent menu with the same name as the articles' category.
i.e "Articles stored in a category "About Us" will create new Sub Menu under the Menu item "About Us" that may be in any Menu .

Based on an plugin by DeRose Technologies, Inc.(, Bade Adesemowo of Bincom extended this plugin to enable submenus of menu items to be created as well as in the mainmenu too. Automatically creates/updates joomla menu items, when an article's category matches a menu's name.

1. You only need this plugin if you want to create auto magic sub menu . You should use the original if you do not need Sub Menus. Publishing the 2 plugin will cause duplicate menu items.
2. If you want to enable auto deletion of Menu items when article is deleted, you need to install the second half of this extension system plugin : . This is available here : (no modification was done to the system plugin)

 History: BADEsemowo modified this extension to suit a client project in November 2009. Another client project needed it in July 2010 so I decided to publish it to joomla incase anyone needs it. Most of the work was done by the original author at Derose technologies. I only modified the code to enable creation of menus as a submenu of meneu items.


Download this file ([Bincom auto menu magic for Sub Menu (extending joomla-automatic-menu-magic by derose) ]15 Kb208 Downloads

Bincom Tweeter module

Bincom's Joomla Module for Twitter Profile Widget Display for Joomla 1.5. It contains most of the options from twitter's widget as Joomla Module Parameters.

This is version 1 of the module. Expect upgrade to show other twitter feeds (search, list, e.t.c) very soon

Module developed for one of Bincom's clients project after Twitter's CURL gave so much issues. This is released free to the world on behalf of Joomla User Group Nigeria by BADEsemowo of (Bincom ICT Solutions). Inspired by refactoring previous works by iNow Twitter Widget.(  and adding multiple optional parameters.

Does anybody know when Twittr renamed to Twitter ?

ps: You must log in or register to download extensions.

Download this file ([Bincom's version of Twitter Profile Widget for Joomla 1.5. It contains more options to tweak. This is version 1 of the module. Expect upgrade to show other twitter feeds very soon]12 Kb581 Downloads

mod_carouselartbannerplus is a joomla 1.0 module that was released as solution to one of our client problem.

You can read about the module at joomla extension site here
[ component/option,com_mtree/task,viewlink/ link_id,3256/Itemid,35/]


Download mod_carouselartbannerplus below (Log in first)


Download this file ([mod carousel artbannerplus for joomla1.0]24 Kb39 Downloads