My Wedding App

Imagine having a fairy tale wedding and after 2 years the your wedding picture album gets missing? That practically be the end of your wedding memories. With my wedding app, friends and family members can catch up on all activities of your wedding online! These is safer to using albums that might get missing or spoilt. You can also tell friends to check your wedding app site for an invitation card and venue for the event.

MyWed app makes use of Word Press and Facebook. The sole purpose of which is to share with community members memories from your joyous wedding. Here, the couple creates an account and upload their contents. MyWed app makes provision for full access to the content of the application and as such, the user has the right to customize as he dims fit.

 It also allows users to share stories and experiences relating to their wedding; before, during and after the wedding. MyWed App owners will be able to customize their app to best reflect their personal tastes as well as best communicate to their audience. As much as it is made public, viewing of MyWed content can also be restricted. Our core objective is to create an online social community around the wedding.

Features include;

Date & Time: The specific date and time of all ceremonies linked to the event are captured (introduction, engagement, traditional wedding, church wedding).

Venues: This displays information on where the various events would be holding. Direction maps to all wedding venues are also incorporated. 

Colour Guide: The chosen ‘Aso-Ebi’ details and the colour code for the day(s) may be displayed in an intuitive interface.

RSVP: The application makes RSVP easy online. A friend can easily chose the particular event he/she wants to attend. The application captures the person’s information and the couple can send mails to them or customized SMS. Guests may also indicate their attendance of the wedding ceremony to assist in planning.

How It All Began: This page tells about the couple’s story from the beginning of the relationship. How, when and where they met?

About The Groom: These entails the information of only the groom from when and where he was born till date. This page answers where the groom comes from, what he likes, what he does, if he is a social person and many more. This is where you can get the full details of the groom right from the horse’s mouth.

About The Bride: The entails the information of only the bride from when and where she was born till date. This page answers where the bride’s comes from, her likes, what she does, how social she is and many more. This is where you can get the full details of the bride right from the horse’s mouth.
Accommodation reservations can also be made amongst other features.

How does it work?
The couple clicks on the register link and is asked to fill a couple of a form, where the username, password is captured. The user thereafter choose a title (the name that will appear on the application – Georgia weds Flora) for their customized application. After this information has been captured, the applicant gets a link that the user can share amongst friends. The user is given the choice of either going to the dashboard (admin page where they can customize the application) or visit the application. At the dashboard, user can insert pictures, add songs, change themes to something that suites them. After the configuration, the couple can go ahead share amongst friends and family and have fun. Since the application is built on the Facebook application when a user logs in and make comment, it will be posted on his/her timeline. This way, friends of the couple will have the event of the wedding on their timeline. 

Why should I use MyWed App?
Due to one reason or the other, not all friends will be able to grace the occasion. This application ensures that they don’t miss any bit of the glorious event.

Increased Coverage: The world is said to be a global village. With this application on the social media, the events gets a worldwide coverage.

If you need more information on the application, feel free to call Funmi on 07011954854 or contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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